About Nutritionwize

Nutritionwize is a Nutritional Service Consulting Company providing trained and qualified Health professionals to deliver evidence based and practical nutritional counselling that best address our client’s needs. Our Registered Dietitians provide credible source of information to assist you meet your nutritional goals.

Do you know that Dietitians are the only regulated health professional in Canada qualified to provide nutrition counseling? Dietitians are regulated health professionals and are identified by 97% of Canadians as a credible source of food and nutrition advice. And so let us help you to provide accurate nutritional guidance with practical solutions to promote health and well-being and manage special nutrition related health conditions for a healthier you!

Our team is alsomade up of Registered Dietitians with diverse cultural backgrounds, and so weare pleased to also be a reliable source of nutritional information to the South Asian, Middle East, Caribbean, African population just to mention a few. Dietitian services may be part of your employee health insurance plan; and so ourservices may be covered! If not, we will work with you as best possible to make meeting your nutritional needs affordable.

Our Core Values

Nutritionwize achieves RESULT while adhering to the following core values: