About Nutritionwize

Nutritionwize is a Nutritional Service Consulting Company. We are a team of dedicated Registered Dietitians passionate about Nutrition and about the potential of food to enhance lives and improve health.

We are committed to working with our patients and clients to achieve their personal nutritional goals. By providing evidence based and credible nutrition education and communicating this in a language that is easy to understand, we help provide a better understanding about nutrition and thus support healthy living.

As a company we support other Registered Dietitians, as well as mentor students. We guide, empower and employ Dietitians as we believe Dietitians are a valuable resource in any community and through our collaborative efforts as Dietitians, we shape the future of eating and healthy living for all Canadians.

Meet Our Nutritionwize Registered Dietitian Family!

Our dedicated team of Registered Dietitians are all passionate about nutrition and committed to sharing their knowledge to help others make more informed food choices for a much healthier lifestyle.

They all have been highly successful in achieving positive nutritional outcomes for their clients and the clients they serve value their knowledge, professionalism and dedication in many ways! Our team members (Dietitians and Students) come from diverse cultural backgrounds and speak a combined total of over 20 languages!

With our wealth of experience and passion for the profession we are ready to serve you today!

Sababa Khan
RD, Certified Craving Change Facilitator