Vitamin E

Did you know?

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin that maintains a healthy immune system. You need a minimum of 15 mg/day.
Vitamin E is found mainly in foods that contain fat. Some examples are nuts, seeds, avocado, vegetable oils and wheat germ. Some dark leafy greens and fish are also sources of vitamin E.

Include these foods in your diet and build a STRONGER IMMUNE SYSTEM

1/2 Avocado(100 mg) may have 4 mg of Vitamin E. Add to your sandwiches and salads.

1/4 Cup/ 60 ml of sunflower seeds may have 10 mg of Vitamin E- Have it as a snack during the day

1 tsp/ 5ml of wheat germ oil may have 7 mg of Vitamin E. Add it your salad dressing.